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DGL Freight own strong present over the years as one of best solution provides on dangerous goods (DG/DGR) handling in logistics industry. In-house comprehensive expertise team in handling, packing, submission, certification for every dangerous goods. Every Dangerous goods will handle carefully with extreme caution and fragile at all times. Every dangerous good (DG / DGR) handle and transport at best solution while taking priority care especially on potential hazards for health, safety, and environment. Lithium batteries, chemicals, plastics, paint, food flavour, perfume, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, dyes, radioactive materials, explosives, and acids is follow strictly guideline follow the international regulations and standards all time. 

DGL FREIGHT will undergo every details and packing solution for dangerous goods. Our well trained team always very committed to provide best solution by checking and advice on packing that meet with international standard by air and sea. We have coverage over 120 countries to handle dangerous goods.  Every single export package is completely compliant with the standards set out by IATA and IMO all time. Peace of mind free when come to dangerous goods, let DGL Freight handle with right packing and solution. Best safety on dangerous goods is our priority

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Our consultants analyze current transport processes and implement changes which will result in the following:

To summarise, you need to have dangerous goods management built into your instruments and warehouses in order to ensure the safety and efficacy of the management of the storage of your potentially hazardous products. Our renowned customers come from a wide array of economic and industrial fields, including the automobile industry, the chemical industry, aerospace, the mining industry, and the pyrotechnics industry, amongst others. DGL Freight promises to save customers both time and money while still satisfying all previously established standards.

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