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Project Logistics & Heavy Lift

Project Cargo, Heavy Lighting, Over Large Cargo, Valuable Machinery, or Special Cargo Components all required Special Attention at All Times. This one-of-a-kind project necessitates the delivery of shipments including a variety of components, each of which must undergo disassembly and subsequent assembly before and after being transported by sea or air. The requirement of having a DGL team that is very different from traditional freight forwarding at all times is highlighted by the intensity of project planning, site surveys, costing, and finally implementation. We offer a delivery guarantee for project cargo or special freight, and we always go above and beyond to ensure that our international project partners receive the utmost care at all times.

Planning & Work-Study

When it comes to out-of-the-ordinary endeavours, the answers are almost invariably tailored to the specific needs of the undertaking. Conducting a feasibility study to determine transportation methods and routes, embarkation and disembarkation places, complying with the requirements of applicable authorities and agencies, and providing and submitting relevant documentation controlling operations such as risk assessments, method statements, loading and lifting plans are all part of the customization process.

Project Management

The logistics of a project typically call for significant planning, pricing, and variance reporting, in addition to the management of deadlines and risk. The project team working with DGL Freight is determined and adaptable enough to work around these limitations. Working closely with our customers while bringing together our whole arsenal of resources has shown time and again to be the most successful method for carrying out project work.

Co-ordination & Supervision

The beginning of a project is the starting point for coordination. Close coordination is required in order to guarantee an exceptional level of service from beginning to end. This includes the sequential collection of cargo, the booking of appropriate sailings and flights, the monitoring of transits and arrivals, customs clearances, and stowage, as well as subsequent deliveries to site addresses. “Safety first and foremost,” was the directive.

Vessel & Aircraft Chartering

Chartering a vessel, a specific container, or airfreight services for project cargoes is dependent on the location and destination, which require a great deal of care and planning to complete. In such cases, whether partial or full charter, purpose-built vessels and aircraft must be capable of handling the work attentively. DGL Freight has a diverse fleet of vessels ranging from RORO to barges, HLV, OSV, AHTS, and semi-submersibles for any offshore deliveries. Aircraft charter options would include everything from commercial jetliners to military cargo planes like the Antonov series.

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