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DGL Marine is experience company when it comes to rig moves. Total logistic services to drilling team or operators by moving land rig or whole offshore rig from site to the next destination. Every Rig Moving Operation are carefully executed from disassembled, transported and assembled in an efficient and safe way by reducing down time to a minimum. Safe is number one priority for every operations.


Our experience 1st experience in 2007 when the first off shore rig move from USA to Borneo Bintulu water for Shell company. Ever since we moved various rig types in all conditions. With this different experience and knowledge, DGL Marine can assist in optimizing any rig move with best cost solutions. 

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DGL Marine capable mobilize equipment and meet any rig move, including provide high mobile cranes, bed, pole, rig-up trucks, safety equipment and even vessels for overseas rig relocation. Wagenborg group owns an extensive fleet of road transport, marine transport and lifting assets which can all be mobilized to carry out a rig move very efficiently. By combining the expertise of multiple Wagenborg companies such as Wagenborg Shipping and Wagenborg Nedlift, you will benefit from our ‘door-to-door’ service. In more remote area’s experienced and certified third party specialists are used for lifting and transportation, all with a proven track record. Our expert team has the capability in commandeering rig moves support in varius locations.

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