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Tug Towing Operations

Tug boat activity & operations, whether infield, offshore, port, jetty or towing ancillary, DGL Marine always on right on hand service. DGL Marine has been a service provider for many offshore companies, and we have completed every type of operation in almost all Malaysian, Thailand, Kalimantan, Indonesia and Singapore waters and beyond. Our towing services are mainly demand for O&G operations, jetty, port and towing ancillary, mineral, coastal job, deep-water towing, rescue and harbour tugboats.

We provide not only South East Asia service, also long-distance towing service across contingents. We serve in every possible environment, from the far eastern coast China to Middle East busiest and most challenging ports. We cover with most comprehensive plan, backup with an emergency guide, ensure job is complete fast with right engage tugs.

Barge Operations

Our tow fleet is augmented by DGL Marine extensive range of barge size from 1500MT upto 12,000MT. Most engage for carrying mineral, project cargo, construction work and transport support, with lengths to 60m and GRT to 1300 and ready for fast deployment when required.

Our expertise is acknowledged in ports and waterways around South East Asia, and our experience team with equipment knowledge will ensure every job undertake is completed safely within time constraints and budgets.

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